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Our growing population lives on a planet with finite resources. Humankind faces huge hurdles in the future. Climate change threatens millions living in coastal areas. Billions of people today live without access to clean water and millions more are food insecure. Our energy demands are growing while our supplies are dwindling.

The challenges of the future may seem insurmountable and many will ask what space has to do with solving them. We hear about ambitions of going to Mars and plans to establish colonies in space, but too often it feels like the rest of the world (and our problems) will be left behind.

We believe the future is brighter than it seems. The last two decades have shown us that something in our own cosmic backyard — our Moon — is much more interesting than it seemed to be when we first visited decades ago. We have found that the Moon is home to water, precious metals, and other resources that can be used to improve quality of life here on Earth while enhancing our spacefaring capabilities. Using the Moon as our launch pad, we can use its location and resources to be more active in space and travel further into the universe — for the benefit of all humankind.

WayPaver Foundation believes the Moon is the path to a brighter future. But it’s a path that will take all of us to open. Our Lunar Settlement Index is more than a dashboard showing progress — it’s a call to action for humankind. Together, we will create a brighter and more prosperous future.

How We Work (our model)

While there are many obstacles ahead of us on the path to lunar settlement, we prefer to look at them as challenges. Should we rise to the occasion of tackling them, overcoming these challenges pay dividends both now and in the future; they allow us to live and work among the stars in the future, while improving quality of life for billions around the globe today.

To enable a spacefaring future for humankind, we must first learn more about the challenges in our way. WayPaver Foundation catalogues and analyzes challenges to lunar settlement with our Lunar Settlement Index (LSI). Whether looking at new ways of storing energy or methods of producing nutrient-dense food in a remote location, we believe the answers can be found through mass collaboration. The LSI is a wiki-style database that anyone can browse through and contribute to. If you see a challenge that you think you might be able to solve, you can add information about your work to the database. As the LSI grows, it shows us where our resources are most needed and where they can have the greatest impact.

Our Research (the LSI)

The interactive chart below allows you to see a snapshot of the challenges captured within the Lunar Settlement Index today. As you can see, many of these challenges have application to life both in space and on Earth; solving them not only helps us today, but also in the future.