Waypaver Foundation Names Michael Mealling CEO

mealling-waypaverATLANTA, GA — May 10, 2017 – The Waypaver Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to addressing humanity’s greatest challenges by enabling sustainable lunar settlement, announced today that it has appointed Michael Mealling as chief executive officer effective April 15th. Nick Arnett, the Foundation’s first CEO, will remain on the Foundation’s board.

“There is an emerging consensus that developing the cislunar space economy is the next step in our expansion into the solar system” said Guillermo Sohnlein, Waypaver’s Chairman of the Board. “Michael’s experience in the space business and technology startups in general will help Waypaver focus on problems the industry is facing now,” continued Sohnlein.

“I’m very excited about joining the Waypaver team,” said Mealling. “Waypaver is in a unique position to help reduce the friction between veteran industry players, new entrants, government agencies, and funding sources. In the early stages of any new market it helps to have a partner that is looking out for the entire market as well as empowering the individual actors.”

Michael Mealling has spent over a twenty-five years building complex technology based businesses from the Internet in the early 1990s to the space companies in the 2000s. Michael was one of the founding members of Masten Space Systems, a vertical take-off, vertical-landing where he served as CFO and VP Business Development. After leaving Masten, Mealling helped build a telecom consultancy, a social networking company, and most recently, the operational systems for a seed stage VC fund. He is the Chairman of the Moon Society, a Space Frontier Foundation Advocate, and current President of the Georgia chapter of the National Space Society. He an MBA from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Mealling continued, “My discussions with the Board about Waypaver’s short term plans include diversifying its base of donors, involving the general public, facilitating more rigorous economic modeling across the industry, and helping develop legal, political, and financial infrastructure when needed. Waypaver is here to help remove obstacles and smooth the path for everyone.”

Nick Arnett, Waypaver’s first CEO, will continue as a member of the Foundation’s board as well as helping the foundation with branding and community management. Nick said, “I’m thrilled to see Michael come on board as Waypaver’s next CEO and look forward to working closely with him in our efforts to pave the way toward lunar development. The time is right for humanity’s economic sphere of influence to begin expanding further into cislunar space, and WayPaver is poised to help catalyze that expansion under Michael’s leadership”.

To learn more about the Waypaver Foundation, visit the Foundation’s website at www.waypaverfoundation.org.


About Waypaver Foundation

WayPaver Foundation is a research-guided grant making organization. Waypaver identifies the highest priority obstacles currently preventing the establishment of a lunar settlement and targets its resources to remove them.